West Village Dinner Party for Ten

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Questions Dinner for 10

Recently we helped a client host an intimate gathering for 10 friends at their home in the West Village of New York City.

Answer a few questions to help us understand the full scope of what you have in mind.

    Upon reaching out we will send you a list of questions to help us understand the details of your upcoming event. We'll go everything from menu to tabletop and staffing and from there we can start to nail down the details to bring your vision to life. If you don't have a vision we are more than happy create a concept from start to finish.

Approve the menu and tabletop scheme.

    After presenting you with our final proposal, which includes the menu, drink selections, staffing, event timing, and our shared aesthetic vision, all that's left is for you to provide your stamp of approval to move forward with your dream event.

Show up.

    Just sit back and relax, and on the day of your event, just show up - we'll handle everything else to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Tips the menu

We worked with our client to put together a menu they were excited about, keeping in mind dietary restrictions of their guests.


cucumber bites with hummus

homemade potato chips with creme fraiche and caviar


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