Our Story

Last July is built on the belief that hosting should be easy, beautiful, and fun. We want to help you make your table, kitchen and home reflect your personal tastes as seamlessly as possible, so you can focus on enjoying your precious time with the people who matter to you most.


Our carefully curated Boxed Sets have everything you need to set your table for a beautiful dinner party, brunch or luncheon. Each set includes linens, vases, candle holders and other accessories that will allow you to effortlessly throw together a well-thought-out tablescape—all you have to do is add your own plates and glassware, and you’re set. 

If you want a second opinion on your table once you've set it using one of our Boxed Sets, send us a text at (917) 398-0749. We'll be happy to take a look. 


Inspired by some of our favorite dinner parties, we've created our own original Menus, each consisting of three recipes to serve together so you can check meal planning off your list. Feel free to make all three recipes as intended, or supplement with pre-made sides bought at your local gourmet market.


We are a community of people who absolutely love hosting. Our blog is full of inspiration and ideas for your next gathering: interviews with expert hosts, things to eat and drink—plus plenty of recipes, travel guides, and more stories to inspire you in your own hosting journey.


With a true passion for entrepreneurship, Erin Crandall Phillips has applied her background as a fashion industry veteran with her love of gathering to create Last July. Erin found that, even considering her fashion background, it was often overwhelming to put a tablescape together on the spot. So she built Last July as a resource, to help make the process as seamless as possible, for everyone. Your tabletop collection, Erin says, can reflect your personal style and should be versatile enough to be used for every occasion—from a quick dinner at home eating take out sushi, or for a four-course dinner party with everyone you can fit in your home.