Founder's Note

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A quick note from our founder, Erin Phillips.

    The inspiration behind Last July

    With a true passion for entrepreneurship, Erin Crandall Phillips has applied her background as a fashion industry veteran with her love of gathering to create Last July. Erin found that, even considering her fashion background, it was often overwhelming to put a tablescape together on the spot. So she built Last July as a resource, to help make the process as seamless as possible, for everyone. Your tabletop collection, Erin says, can reflect your personal style and should be versatile enough to be used for every occasion—from a quick dinner at home eating take out sushi, or for a four-course dinner party with everyone you can fit in your home.

    "Sitting down for a meal is a special chance to connect to the people you're with. Whether it's your friends, your kids, your parents, new friends, a date...whatever! Making the place you sit feel thoughtful really enhances the experience for me, and I wanted to make that more fun and accessible for others as well."